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Let There Be Radical Illumination!

Popcorn an the Prototype lights

Our lighting team, led by the popular and gregarious Popcorn, assembled and tried out the LED lighting rig on the Dirty Goat in the last couple of weeks. The Roadhouse will be lit primarily with flexible, color-changing LED strip lights, powered and controlled using DMX controllers, our custom power rig, a Honda EU2000 generator, and a laptop.

Goat Skull Lighting prototype

You'll be able to see us from way across the Playa! If you remember from previous posts about the design, there will be long goat horns stretching from the top of the skull to the back of the Roadhouse bar. Those will be lit and programmed as well. Burners are in for a treat. Here's a prototype of what the horns will look like, with Bowie the dog for scale.

Goat Horn Radical Illumination prototype

We are well into the final stretch of construction, with the bar almost finished. We're making up drink recipes to tantalize your taste buds, and planning performances to tickle your ear holes. Once the skull sculpture is finished and painted, we'll attach the lights permanently. The horns will glow and pulse with color patterns coordinated with the lights all over the skull and the bar.

Can't wait to play with you in the dust!

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